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Company Establishment: Procedure Flow

Flow of general procedures for establishing a Limited Joint-stock company is shown here in a checklist form.

1. Designate "Promoter"

2. Determine "Trade name"

  • Determine Head office address
  • Determine Trade name
  • Determine the purpose of business
  • Investigation of similar trade names (at Legal Affairs Bureau)

3. Preparation of the "Articles of Incorporation"

  • Prepare the Articles of Incorporation
  • Notarization of Articles of Incorporation (Notary Office)
    Required documents:
    Articles of Incorporation
    Certificate of personal seal of promoters

4. Payment of "Capital stock"

  • Copy of bank book shown capital stock amounts

5. "Legal Registration of Company Establishment"

  • Appointment of Representative director, Directors and Statutory auditors
  • Prepare a dossier on each director
  • Make an application for legal registration of Company establishment (at Legal Affairs Bureau)
    Required Documents:
    Application form for Registration
    Articles of Incorporation
    A copy of a bankbook on which the paid-in amount is printed
    Directors’ acceptance of office
    Certificate of personal seal of directors
    Report of company seal
  • Make an application for issue of a certified copy of Registry and Certificate of registered seal of Representative Director.

Company Establishment registration

Total cost: JP¥300,000 as a package cost (including registration tax, etc.)

Entrust supports after company establishment to us

Entrust low-cost and convenient "Accounting Home Delivery" for Accounting, Year-end closing and Tax return, etc., after company establishment.

For an overview of "Accounting Home Delivery", please click here.

Since we offer site visit consulting and tax audit attendance by a tax accountant, and other outsourcing consulting, please consult with our staff.

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